SIA Dinotrans – first company from Baltic countries who bought LNG trucks

“Scania Latvia has delivered the first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered Scania truck in the Baltics, despite the fact that LNG filling stations have not yet been opened in Latvia. The cars equipped with additional safety features were purchased by Scania partner Dinotrans Ltd and will mainly drive on Scandinavian roads.

Per Eric Esterlund, a consulting firm spokesman, said: “The barrier to new renewable technologies is the lack of infrastructure in the European Union and especially in the Baltic countries. 

These are the first LNG trucks to be sold in the Baltics, but in Scandinavia transport companies have already appreciated the benefits of using these eco-friendly solutions, with a growing trend in the Scandinavian countries there is an upward trend, for example, if in 2017 a total of 50 Swedish LNG trucks were purchased, then by 2018 they have grown to 100 units.

The use of biofuels in internal combustion engines is the best short term option for reducing CO2 and other dangerous emissions. Biofuel engines could be fitted with one-fifth of all vehicles in 2050. LNG-powered Scania trucks can run up to 1,100 kilometers and are significantly more environmentally friendly compared to diesel-powered trucks since LNG engines produce less harmful particulates than diesel engines. “

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